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Revesby Xmas run

1 and 2 Mile Junior

5 and 10 Mile Trail Run

Revesby Xmas Run:

28th December 2023

Event Information
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After two years of success, The Revesby Run Series 2021 and Revesby Xmas Run 2022, we are super excited to announce the 2023 Revesby Xmas Run.


Yet again, located in the heart of Lincolnshire 12 miles north of Boston, Revesby Estate is family owned, steeped in history and offering an idyllic setting. Staged on the south side of the estate, these runs will offer truly spectacular countryside views as you run cross country through the fields and grounds of the estate. We might even throw in a bit of mud!

Runners will have the opportunity to take on a 5 or 10 mile route that will offer a unique ‘complete’ running experience, from fast tarmac sections, through gravel tracks and through breath-taking cross-country sections that will showcase the best nature has to offer. Also, both routes will not have a cut-off allowing competitors of all abilities to thoroughly enjoy the experience and not have any pressure.

As for the juniors, we have the option of either a 1 or 2 Mile run. Both runs are completely off road using the same hard gravel tracks and cross-country sections as the longer adult runs, these however have no tarmac road sections so juniors can run unaccompanied or accompanied by an adult.


We will have marshals positioned along the routes to make sure all Junior's are within eye-sight of our team at all times and most importantly encouraged throughout.


Our race takes in the beautiful surroundings of the Revesby Estate. With a mix of exciting terrain, there is a bit of something for everyone. 

Join us on the start line to get hyped up for your race. Embrace the unique and friendly atmosphere, lining up with like-minded runners. You will be surrounded by a mixture of first timers, experienced runners and everything in between. 

Once the race begins, you will be treated to a tour of the Revesby estate, exploring its wonderful surrounds as you race towards your finish line. Wether you are completing the 5 or 10 mile race, you will experience a mix of fast tarmac roads and challenging off-road trails. 

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